Top 10 Purposes why your webpage needs a Redesign in 2021?

Top 10 Purposes why your webpage needs a Redesign in 2021?

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Does your web page read 2018, 2019, or worse, 2015 at the copyright footer? The world is changing in present times, and you must review your website and see if it is up to date or if needed go for web page redesign company to redesign the webpage.

Your webpage today is the first impression of your company that your viewers get. With continuously changing user expectations and digital trends, you need to be assure of your webpage does justice to your company image. I have seen many companies making a web page just for the heck of it. The webpage has no goal apart from being on their business card. The year 2020 has converted it; you now need to explain a purpose.

A main question to ask is, "What do I want to get from this website?”

Everything you do beyond this depends on the answer to this question.

Reason 10 - Your Website Has Broken Links And Gives 404 Errors

Checking for broken links and 404 errors is the initial step of analyzing the need for a web page redesign. Think of how you will feel if you go to search engine to search for a product, but the link displays a "Page not found" error as you get results. It will be a gross wastage of time, and Search Engines do not rank pages or websites with 404 errors.

If you have a webpage with incomplete and missing punctuation, you will need to address the issue via webpage maintenance or a webpage redesign services.

Reason 9 - Conversions & Analytics

Did you see the Google analytics performance of your webpage?

It tells a lot about how your webpage is performing. If you observe low traffic or a high bounce rate, you need to do something about it. Please go through the user’s journey on your webpage, the pages with most entrances, why they are not converting, and why you have a high bounce rate.

A user visiting your web page will need the details in 2- 3 pages; else, he is bound to move on.

If you do not have Google Analytics downloaded, then you have to set up your google analytics account to track conversions right away.

Reason 8 - Stay forward Of Your Challengers

When I speak of the word competition, there are two different meanings: the competition you have in the real world and competition you have in the digital world.

To get a piping hot flow of clients, you need to stay ahead of both.

An outdated webpage will give your competition an false advantage as your potential customers will like to see more details presented in a pleasant way to share their business.

Benchmark your challenger both in the real and digital world. Redesign your web page that keeps you ahead of both.

Reason 7- Visibility in Search Engines

It's fine that you did not update your webpage, but it did not stop Google from rolling out its updates.

With each update in the search engine, there are changes in how they rank your web page. An outdated website web page|webpage} will, for sure, not rank well in search engines.

Why? for an simple reason, search engines require your help to rank you better, and now since you are not doing your part of the job, why should they...

Reason 6 - User Experience, Not the User Interface

I have seen so many companies making websites that look "Innovative."

There is text flying, images jumping around, and whatnot.

Though it might look cool to you, does it convert itself the same effect to your potential leads? Good navigation, faster loading, and better readability of text with a Flat design is something a user craves for in the current time. Make their experience enjoyable and satisfactory, make it easy for them to find the information they require, and they will reward you with their order.

Reason 5 - Outdated Technology

Technology is changing faster than ever.

If you are running an outdated version of your web page, then the chances are that it will be slow, will have performance issues, indexing issues, and top of all, security issues. The modem technologies are focused on optimizing, compressing, and security.

Keeping your webpage updated keeps it fresh and optimized for your budding customers and search engines.

Reason 4 - Security Of Your Webpage

The security of your website and your client data is an essential part of your online business. With GDPR policies in place, you need to ensure that you offer a safe platform to your visitors and ensure their data is kept safely in your system.

Let's say you have a webpage created with a particular technology. Hypothetically, a WordPress CMS, now when you did it, WordPress was on version 2.x and today in 2021, it is on version 5.x. If you have not updated or remake your web page, you are susceptible to all the security flaws of 2.x, which were fixed in check here future releases.

Not only this, there are new security rules set by search engines for indexing and ranking your webpage.

As per an update from Google, it is a required that you have your webpage on an SSL secured HTTPS connection, and in case you are ignoring not only they will give you lower ranking but even show your web page as unsure to the visitors.

Reason 3 – Improvise the Site Structure

If you use outmoded tags like Tables instead of div or if your webpage does not use the latest image extensions like webp, it take more time to load the page. The advance technologies not only help in loading the website faster; it even improves user experience. It allows you to add new functionalities and more comfortable ways to display your best products or services to the leads.

If your webpage is not benefitted from these technologies, then you should consider revamping the same to bring it to speed.

Reason 2 – Older Content

Do you have a news widget on your website that was updated a year ago, or does the footer's copyright date outmoded?

Things like these create a unfavorable impression for your viewers and search engines. The outdated detail gives them the reason to abandon and move on to your challenger. We suggest using CMS software to redesign your website so that you can keep your content updated at all times.

Reason 1 - Most Important, Responsive Website Design

Does your webpage look good on mobile, tablet, and computer at the same time?

Is it mobile friendly in nature?

We live in the age of smartphones, and faster data speeds, more n more viewers search for things on their mobile phones than on their laptops. If your webpage is not compatible or built keeping mobile phones in mind, you are in for trouble. You will be losing on a bulk chunk of visitors browsing on mobile and, in turn, leaving big ping cash on the table.

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